Expomusic is an association that was founded with the aim of promoting music produced in Switzerland through a national interaction platform between musicians and professionals and between music and the public. The platform is designed to give visibility to the Swiss underground music scene, which produces excellent music and which needs to increase its visibility. The access to the platform is ensured by a regulation, to make sure it offering a better service to the most committed musicians and allow greater visibility. The site allows musicians to offer their productions directly to the public, to push their image constantly and to inform the public about all the news.

The Industry category, which completes the Swiss creative context, welcomes the main professionals who offer a service by providing facilities and expertise. Promoting professionals in the sector means, for Expomusic, to achieve the potential of small businesses involved in the field and stand out from the network.

The platform was created by listening to the needs of musicians and industry professionals who have made it possible to create a complete product that focuses on promotion and communication. The platform is constantly evolving to overcome the running-in period and to improve the service offered to the public and better respond to the needs of members. The constant commitment of the Expomusic team is to support Swiss music production nationally and abroad and to consolidate the platform by offering an effective and lasting service.

The Expomusic team